Jinx manhwa characters are categorized into “Main Characters, Secondary Characters & Minor Characters” as per their roles in the entire manhwa.

Lets explore the details and respective characteristics of each role in order to get the optimum understanding of this exciting series.



Kim Dan - Jinx Manga Characters

A 29 years old physical therapist who is striving hard and in search of any suitable job for him. His key challenges include his grandma’s hospital bills, money lenders and a former boss. Finally, he has been hired by a mixed martial arts heavyweight champion “Joo Jaekyung” as his personal physical therapist. Initially, the job seemed fine but with the passage of time, it became rigorous for him..

Gender: MaleBirthday: Dec 26Hair Color: BrownEye Color: BrownHeight: 1.75 mWeight: 60 kg


Joo Jaekyung

A 26 years old mixed martial arts heavyweight champion who has set a myth of being undefeated in the arena. He is also known as “Tyrant” in the ring and is considered as the strongest man in the world. He has a secret jinx of sleeping with someone the night before his match and it is assumed as his key to winning. He is abrupted in nature but also helpful for Dan in discharging his pending liabilities.

Gender: MaleBirthday: Jun 21Hair Color: BlackEye Color: GreyHeight: 1.93 mWeight: 90 kg



Kim Dan's Grandmother

An old lady having health issues was admitted to hospital. She is always delighted to see Kim Dan as and when he visits her in the hospital. She becomes excited to know as his grandson got a job offer from the country’s top athlete as his personal physical therapist. Upon Jaekyung’s visit to the hospital, she was thankful and praised him very much.

Gender: FemaleHair Color: GreyEye Color: GreyHeight: 1.58 mWeight: 47 kg


Jeong Yosep

A 37 years old and an eldest of the athletes, he is Jaekyung’s personal coach. He is also known as the “National Champion” and Jaekyung’s sparring partner. His major duties include providing fighting tricks and to motivate the champion before his new match. He brings fried chicken for the entire team.

Gender: MaleHair Color: BrownEye Color: BlackHeight: 1.92 mWeight: 98 kg


Park Nammwook

He is 38 years old Team Black Coach and Jaekyung’s personal manager. He arranged Dan’s meeting with Jaekyung for his appointment as physical therapist. He is very kind to Dan and introduced him to the all other gym members. He also gave Dan a nickname as “Doc Dan ” for others to give him more respect. He has two daughters and one son. He’s always been thrilled to see Jaekyung’s victory in the arena.

Gender: MaleHair Color: BrownHeight: 1.80 mWeight: 102 kg


Choi Heeseung

He is an actor by profession and is of the same age as Jaekyung. He plans to get personal kick-boxing training from Jaekyung for his upcoming action scenes in the screenplay. During his training, he meets with Kim Dan and is highly impressed with him. He offers variety of precious gifts to Dan during his tenure with him.

Gender: MaleHair Color: BrownEye Color: OchreHeight: 1.88 mWeight: 95 kg


Hwang Yoon-Gu

He is the youngest person in the team and is aged 20. He is always very keen to have interaction and get training tips from Jaekyung and is still striving to fulfill his wish. He’s always been very curious about Dan’s close relationship with Jaekyung. He becomes thankful to Dan as he arranges a training session for him with Jaekyung.

Gender: MaleBirthday: Aug 19Hair Color: BlackHeight: 1.70 mWeight: 59 kg



Daehyun Oh

He is one of the Team Black’s members and encourages Dan to eat his food in the welcome party. He is curious about Dan and warns him not to go when Jaekyung asks Dan to come along with him in the ring. He announces Dan’s entry in the ring when he agrees to spar against Jaekyung.

Gender: MaleHair Color: YellowEye Color: Black


Jaekyung's Ex-Partner

He is the person whom Dan sees at the Jaekyung’s residence at first time. Before Dan’s arrival in the Jaekyung’s life, he used to fulfill Jaekyung’s pre-match jinx all the time. Later on, when Dan starts a food delivery job at night, suddenly he meets with Dan and gets him to realize that Jaekyung has same feelings for all his partners and he will also be treated in the same way.

Gender: MaleHair Color: BrownEye Color: Brown


Randy Booker

He is the opponent of Jaekyung in the MFC 272’s main match and is also known as “The Butcher”. He seems to be a serious challenger against Jaekyung in the ring and provokes him before the match.

Gender: MaleHair Color: BlackEye Color: Grey

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