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In “Jinx Manga – Chapter 52 “, Jaekyung is admitted to the athlete’s center where a doctor examined his foot and said: “Due to the assault on his ruptured blister, he needs proper treatment to heal, however, for his left shoulder, he needs to consult a reputable hospital as soon as possible”.

Suddenly they were amazed to see Baek Jumin who was in the next bed. His director is praising him for his fight against Jaekyung. Jumin said: “Joo Jaekyung’s all talk, he was nothing special. Am I now an interim champ then? He addressed Joo and said: “Next time I won’t go easy on you. You ain’t even the champ anymore”. It resulted in loss of Jaekyung’s temperament and he rushed towards him to throw a punch.

Media spread the news of Jaekyung’s disqualification for 90 days as per MFC medical issue disciplinary action and is undergoing a shoulder injury. As Mr. Hwang reached the gym, he came to know that the majority of the gym members left and have joined Baek Jumin’s gym which surprised him very much.

As he came out, he saw one of the outgoing members met him and took him to a restaurant where all other members were sitting. They tried to convince Mr. Potato leaves Team Black’s gym as there is nothing left after Jaekyung’s defeat and disqualification but he is denied. Meanwhile, he heard how Baek Jumin’s director bet on this fight and swapped Jaekyung’s medical supplies in order to make him suffer a loss.

Mr. Hwang went to Jaekyung and told him the entire truth and confirmed to him that Doc Dan is not a spy, rather he checked all the supplies carefully. Nammwook said: “You were too harsh on him this time. You blew up on him without even getting the facts straight”. Jaekyung got hyper and his manager slapped him this time for being so heartless. Kim Dan is not there at all…

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